Behind the Scenes: Light Explodes During Broadcast

art is the mike feel like you’re doing that on turn that
off right now carolina now can line up there like i
can’t even get up on completely strap them would install cut a little of the it’s
good to go and i said okay and packet biggest great it’s not clear to you the latest explode not allied smells really weird overhear
well nothing too bad it was just parking and is pretty great it is actually happened
on the part of the light be shaking are about thirty seven to do that has led to
this labor could have pics for didn’t set the curtain but i don’t fire
teachers like our government r_e_i_t_ abortion here with a mighty
primary so either go across the world i’m completely wired into here you guys
have no idea what’s going on okay didn’t feel as though conservative
safety of anybody and without knowing it is a mode from the light with when we do order another bold we need remember noted in my opinion
after months the microphone pick that up okay so will be able to analyze that

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