Assetto Corsa Competizione – ACC Broadcasting/Live Streaming Howto

Assetto Corsa Competizione – ACC Broadcasting/Live Streaming Howto

hi my name is Petra norske from simulated pearl and in this video I would like to show you how to set up a live stream or broadcasting from the assetto corsa competition first of all you need to change the config file broadcasting JSON go to the steam apps common and assetto corsa Competizione folder and you will find the SDK folder and their broadcasting test client and here is the readme file which show what and where we need to change and just copy this section and go to the My Documents so this is the My Documents folder and a set of course a competition folder and here you have config and broadcasting JSON as you as is mentioned here so open the broadcasting JSON with your favorite editor and just put this section from the readme file save the file file save close the editor and then you can connect to the multiplayer server and then I will switch to the desktop and run the broadcasting test client and you don’t each to connect to the remote server just leave the local hostages and the local ports which is configured in your broadcast JSON file and connect to your local host now use the list of drivers and the list of available cameras and and insert replays let’s switch to the to the car and yeah now I see the car it’s raining on the truck and now I can switch to the to the other driver for example you can use the interface that the best option is to have two monitors but you can you can switch between the views the burner for example the chase camera [Music] and so on [Music] – boards you can switch to the other car [Music] switch back and we see that we have something happened the I birthday so let’s go 30 seconds back and we can see the replay [Music] they can show the other camera a set of cameras and switch to the other driver [Music] we can also use a keyboard to switch for example shift + left arrow shift right between the other cars I don’t know the order of the switching [Music] and you can also show there contrast and you can choose the timetables and you can choose just simple broadcasting interface or nothing or basic hood [Music] yeah it looks good for me and this is still in early access so we will see how this will be developed in the near future okay that’s all for now thank you for your attention and see you next time bye


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    Ergün Nar

    can't join server as admin or spectator.. any idea why? as admin, it says wrong pass.. as spectator it says connection cant established??

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