A/B Testing Headlines in WordPress with Nelio

Hi everyone! Today we’ll have a look at the
impact of headlines with Nelio A/B Testing. A headline is the combination of the title,
excerpt, and featured image of a post. It’s clear that headlines are extremely important.
If your visitors don’t like the headline of a post, they won’t read any further.
Therefore, it’s very important to appeal/engage them from the very first moment. Imagine we want to test different headlines
for our post “42 Best WordPress Websites From Inc5000” and measure which one gets
more clicks and readers. Let’s see how we can split test this scenario with Nelio A/B
Testing! Just start by visiting the post you want to
test. At the top, click on “Create Headline Experiment”. Now let’s fill out the basic information of
the experiment. Name the experiment and describe what you plan to do. Once you’re done, click
“Next” to add alternative headlines. Here you can see the original title and featured
image of the post. Click “New Headline” to create a new alternative.
Now you can type the alternative title and excerpt. To change the featured image, just
click on “Change” and select a different image from your WordPress Media Library. Remember
that you can create as many alternative headlines as you want. Once everything is ready, click on “Create”
to create the experiment Here you can see the experiment we just produced.
To launch it, hover over the experiment and click on Start. Then, just give Nelio some
time to collect and process your visitors’ behavior. You can check the results of the experiment
at any time by using the “View” link. Note that in a headline experiment, page views
are defined as the total amount of times that visitors see a headline anywhere on their
screen. Conversions, on the other hand, count the number of times that the tested post has
been actually visited. After certain period of time, if there is
a winner, you can stop the experiment by clicking on the “Stop” button. There’s only one thing left: since one alternative
headline was better than the rest, you should make it permanent so that all your visitors
can see it. To do so, just click on the “Apply” button of the winning alternative. There are hundreds of thousands of different
combinations that can be tested on any given website, so why don’t you go ahead and create
your next experiment? Stay tuned for the upcoming videos. Thanks for watching!

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