5 Ways Inter-plugin Communication Streamlines Audio Mixing

Inter-plugin communication is a technology developed by iZotope that allows our plugins to interact and share Invaluable information with one another across your session, helping you produce mix and master faster and with better results Traditional plugins are limited by only being able to hear what’s happening on one track at a time At iZotope, we know that many producers take a big-picture view when thinking about their mix such as making instruments like bass and a kick drum gel nicely Unmasking important vocal tracks from groups of instruments or tackling mixing and mastering jobs in the same session This is where Inter-plugin communication becomes invaluable, saving you time and giving you a better understanding of your mix as a whole So in this video we’ll look at five ways Inter-plugin communication can benefit your next session using a collection of some of our latest and greatest tools Now found in Music Production Suite 2, Everything you need to produce music New in Nectar 3 is the ability to address masking of any vocal with Vocal Assistant Unmask Unmask directly communicates with the rest of your mix to place your vocal at the forefront by moving other mix elements out of the way Through inter plug-in communication Unmask will communicate with any instance of Nectar 3, Neutron2 Advanced, or Relay to create the perfect nest for your vocal For example if I want to unmask this rap vocal from a backing instrumental track, I’ll place a relay on the backing track Then head over to my Nectar 3 which is on my vocal Go to Vocal Assistant and choose Unmask from the drop down menu I’ll select the backing track as the source of the masking meaning frequency collisions from the backing track are preventing the vocal from cutting through Now when I play some audio and press next the two tracks will be analyzed for potential masking and a behind-the-scenes EQ will be introduced on relay to carve a subtle pocket where the vocal and the backing track were clashing This is all done automatically Let’s have a listen to the before and after Through Inter-plugin communication you can also use Unmask to prioritize vocal tracks against individual mix elements – Like vocals and guitar, vocals and piano or even a lead vocal and backing vocals Through Inter-plugin communication Neutrons Masking Meter allows you to visually identify perceptual frequency collisions that can cause a muddy or overly crowded mix as as long as you have a Neutron on the two tracks you want to Unmask from one another Like this kick track where we have one Neutron, and this bass where we have another instance of Neutron you can toggle seamlessly between the respective EQs to carve out space and ensure that each instrument can be heard All from the same plugin window We can visually identify which frequencies are being Perceptually masked by the other track using the histogram and these white flashes both both visually indicate where collisions might be occurring Let’s say I wanted to make the bass the star of the show and untangle it from the kick. A few simple moves can achieve this I can also use the inverse link feature to make precise simultaneous boosts and cuts across both EQ’s Because Inter-plugin Communication exists across most of our plug-ins, if we have other plug-ins Like VocalSynth 2 or Relay on the other tracks in this session Their tracks’ energy will also be displayed in Neutron’s Masking Meter Tonal balance control is an analysis tool that visualizes your audio against a reference target helping you achieve balance and clarity in your projects You can compare your work with track references and genre standards informed by analysis on years of Popular masters and thanks to inter plug-in communication you can also remotely control any instance of Ozone 8 or Neutron 2’s EQ and fine-tune your adjustments all from the Tonal Balance Control plugin With Tonal Balance Control placed here on my master bus, I can visualize the energy profile of the entire session And let’s say we noticed an overabundance of energy in the high end like we see here With this line jumping north of the high end boundary. Thanks to Inter-plugin communication, I can make EQ adjustments to Ozone 8’s EQ to bring the high end of the whole mix down without ever leaving Tonal Balance Control All I have to do is locate Ozone 8 from the drop-down menu to reveal its EQ controls Now I can make a mastering move to address the high end problem Opening up Ozone 8 on my master bus reveals the move I made from Tonal Balance Control Tonal Balance Control also communicates directly with Neutron 2’s EQ. Should you need to make mixing moves towards a better tonal balance You can view the energy profile of tracks with instances of Relay, Nectar 3 and VocalSynth 2 from Tonal Balance Control The visual mixer also powered by Inter-plugin Communication creates a picture of the entire Soundstage giving you control over Individual and whole groups of tracks and enabling you to quickly and intuitively set the contours of your mixes All without ever leaving a single window, for example, I can move this instance of VocalSynth 2 around in the stereo field Bring it up or down in level Even widen it All from the visual mixer These snapshots here allow you to quickly and easily audition three separate mix scenarios To create a new snapshot we can rearrange mix elements in the visual mixer, and then press set on one of the snapshots Insight 2 offers you an invaluable perspective on any aspect of your mix from loudness, intelligibility, stereography, and more. Its groundbreaking Inter-plugin Communication features give you a clearer picture of how your tracks stack up against your entire mix For example by placing relays on important mix elements in this session I can beam their frequency profiles into Insight 2’s unique real-time 3d spectrogram to create a detailed topographical map of the session audio This colorful visual spread is a great way to see if certain mix aspects are over or underrepresented in your session With Inter-plugin Communication you can easily shape the character of your mix and fix issues directly where they are discovered Saving you time and keeping you in a creative flow and you can find all the latest Inter-plugin Communication technology In Music Production Suite 2, so check it out Thanks for watching

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