10 Outrageous Headlines You’d Only See in America

10 Outrageous Headlines You’d Only See in America

The United States is great for a lot of reasons,
and most people who live there are proud to call themselves Americans. Even if you are the most patriotic person
on the planet, you have to admit that it has plenty of eccentricities that are unlike anywhere
else in the world. So we’re here to bring you 10 outrageous
news headlines that could only happen in America… 10. 5-Year-Old Boy Calls 911 To Order McDonald’s There is perhaps nothing more American than
McDonald’s. Even though it’s common knowledge that it’s
far from being the healthiest place to eat, plenty of parents take their children to McDonald’s
to get their Happy Meals. In April 2019, one 5-year old boy from Michigan
named Iziah Hall had a huge craving for the Golden Arches. He was staying with his grandmother, who was
asleep at the time. Impatient and hungry for his Happy Meal, little
Iziah picked up the phone and dialed the number he was taught to call in case of an emergency:
911. He asked the dispatcher, “Can you bring
me McDonald’s?” When you call 911, the police are required
to stop by the property just in case. The officer on duty, Dan Patterson, thought
this was hilarious, so he actually did swing by McDonald’s to buy Iziah a Happy Meal. Once he arrived, the boy happily took the
burger, and said, “My grandma is gonna be mad. Can you please go away?” 9. Robot Cop Drowns Itself America is the home of the world’s first
shopping mall, which opened in Minnesota in 1956. Since then, they became incredibly popular
across the country, and really only began to die out after the 2008 recession. Nowadays, malls aren’t as exciting and glamorous
as they used to be. Working as a security guard isn’t the most
riveting job anymore, either. This is why a company called Knightscope invented
robot cops that will patrol an area and record with a camera, which eliminates the need for
a security officer to patrol or Segway down long hallways and sidewalks all day long. However, if these robots had a consciousness,
they just may contemplate the sad purpose of their existence. In July 2017, a security robot named Steve
was patrolling an office complex called Washington Harbor when it decided to throw itself into
the fountain and just end it all. The media joked that Steve was in “critical
condition,” but he was taken away by Knightscope. 8. Man and Child Taken to Hospital After A Brawl
Breaks Out at Chuck E. Cheese’s Chuck E. Cheese’s is the family pizza restaurant
and arcade “where a kid can be a kid.” Normally, parents endure a couple hours of
eating terrible food and letting their children to finish playing video games before heading
home. It may not be the most enjoyable thing for
adults, but normally, it’s not enough to make them rage. In April 2019, patrons of the Chuck E. Cheese’s
in Sharonville, Ohio would get the shock of their lives when a brawl broke out between
a group of 10 adults. Several people called 911 (but none ordered
McDonald’s, we assume), describing a scene where people were bleeding and falling unconscious. One child that was too close to the fight
was injured and had to be taken to the hospital, as well as as man who suffered facial injuries. So… what made the fight start in the first
place? No one knows, except for the people who were
involved in the brawl. The local news showed up to interview witnesses,
but everyone wanted to leave and take their children home as quickly as possible without
talking to the media. 7. Woman Steals Electric Scooter From Walmart
And Drives it Down the Highway Every Walmart in the United States provides
their customers with the opportunity to use an electric scooter. These are reserved for people with physical
disabilities. Sometimes, people who are walking on crutches
can get a break. Other times, people who are too morbidly obese
to walk will use them to slowly ride around the store. Anyone who has witnessed this scooters knows
that they only max out at roughly 4 MPH, but that didn’t stop one Tennessee woman named
Sally Selby from using it as a getaway vehicle. This just may be the slowest police chase
in history. Police pulled Selby over on the highway, and
she told them that she was just going to the local Waffle House for a cup of coffee. She may not have considered that eventually,
the battery powered chair would run out of juice. Selby was arrested for theft, and it took
the cops a while figuring out how they were going to get the scooter back to Walmart. 6. Daycare Workers Encourage Toddlers to Have
a Fight Club The first rule of fight club is that you don’t
talk about fight club. Well, unless it’s done by children who are
underage. Unfortunately, there have been multiple cases
of daycare workers who have encouraged toddlers to start their own fight clubs to get out
their aggression in the past few years. One of the most recent cases was in 2016,
at a daycare center in St. Louis, Missouri. One of the young boys, who appeared to be
4 to 5 years old, was wearing green Hulk gloves and pummeling the face of another child who
was pinned to the floor. A third boy tried to defend his friend by
pulling the bully off. The employees did nothing to break up the
fight, except record it all on video to post on social media. It shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone
that those employees were fired, and the mother of the victim is suing the daycare center. 5. Thieves Steal 150 Tires From Car Dealership
Overnight The US is famous for its Wild West. Recently, there has been a new ring of heists
that shocked police departments in Texas and Oklahoma. In May 2019, thieves hit a dealership in Louisiana
and stole over $120,000 worth of tires in a single night. The thieves arrive in the middle of the night,
rig up cars, and remove the tires before rolling them into a U-Haul truck. Considering that tires do not have serial
numbers or anything that would link them back to being stolen, these thieves are clearly
selling them to someone who is willing to give them at least a fraction of their value. The men who stole the tires were captured
on the security cameras, but the footage was not clear enough to help identify them. And since they were renting a U-Haul, their
getaway vehicle also looks identical to thousands of other moving trucks across the United States. 4. Man Robs The Same Walmart 3 Times In One Night For kleptomaniacs out there, stealing from
Walmart doesn’t seem to bother them at all. After all, they are one of the wealthiest
corporations in the world, and most thieves figure that they aren’t really hurting anyone
by stealing from them. In May 2019, a 34-year-old man named Matthew
Brown stole from the Walmart in Alpena, Michigan three times in one night. Brown showed up at the store at 1:30 a.m.,
filled up a shopping cart with flat screen TVs and other electronics, and waltzed right
out the front door to put the items into his car. After not getting caught the first time, Brown
brought the items back to his home, only to return to the store and repeat the process
20 minutes later. He was only caught after his third time walking
out the front door. He managed to steal a total of $6,000 in merchandise
over the course of about an hour. The security guards finally caught him and
called the police. 3. The Vermin Supreme Runs For President Now, this headline could apply to any number
of politicians, but today we’re talking about a strange and unique man who’s been
making headlines for years. A man legally changed his name to “Vermin
Love Supreme” in 1990, and decided to run for President at New Hampshire’s Presidential
Forum during every election, while wearing a large rubber boot on his head. Since 2008, he began to promise that every
US citizen should be entitled to own a pony. We can’t argue with that. In 2011, he was asked if he still stood by
this promise. He said, “Free ponies for all Americans. One of the overlooked issues in America today. My free pony platform is, of course, is a
job creation platform. It will create loads of jobs once we switch
to a pony-based economy.” He also advised that in order to fix the energy
crisis, Americans should “harness the awesome power of zombies as energy sources.” After his closing statement, he sprinkled
glitter all over one of his competitors, who did not look the least bit amused. 2. Man Hoards Over 10,000 Stolen Guns In His
Home Gun control has become a very sensitive topic
in the United States, because citizens have very polarizing opinions. However, even NRA members will probably agree
that there is a fine line between enjoying their right to bear arms and total obsession. In 2015, the sheriff of Pageland, South Carolina
entered the home of a man named Brent Nicholson and stumbled upon a collection of 10,000 guns. Every single one of them had been stolen and
amassed in his house over the years. Nicholson also had hundreds of chainsaws,
and 350 taxidermy animals mounted on his walls. The police department in Pageland began a
very long and tedious process of trying to identify the original owners by the serial
numbers on each and every one of the guns, in order to link Nicholson to home break-ins. According to the Sheriff, “There’s no
evidence that he was selling them — he just wanted them. His house looked like that Hoarders program
on TV.” 1. Morbidly Obese Cat Swims to Lose Weight Just about everyone knows that Americans are
suffering from a massive obesity epidemic. However, you may not know that there are millions
of dogs and cats that have the same issue, as well. There is even a group called the Association
for Pet Obesity Prevention, who claim that over 50% of all dogs and cats in the United
States are overweight. In 2013, a 13-year-old cat named Holly from
Virginia became famous in the news because she was so obese that she could hardly walk. The only way to keep her physically fit was
for her owner to take her into a swimming pool with a kitty-sized life jacket. Holly lost one pound after six months of exercise,
which is probably a sign that she was still being overfed. According to her owner, Dani Lawhorne, she
blamed the weight on her cat’s laziness, saying that she didn’t enjoy playing with
toys or going outside “like normal cats.” Unfortunately, though, we’ve never gotten
an update on Holly’s inspiring weight loss journey.


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    Killer Ant

    That last article about the fat cat. It's like my cat who refuses to play with toys and will just lay around all day. She also will refuse to go outside.

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    Jennifer Decker

    Hm…sometimes I forget how weird 'Murica is to the rest of the world. I probably wouldn't have thought much about most of these headlines if I'd just seen them on the news.

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    I laughed hard about the Walmart shoplifter "Fool me once, shame on you. You fooled me you can't get fooled again" Bush

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    NRA thinking something is ridiculous? I mean, they're perfectly fine with people having AR15s which can rip through walls easily…

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    Ken Collins

    The motor carts at Walmart are mandated, at least in my area, by law. When my father was ill, I took him to Walmart but the cart only worked intermittently. My father got angry at the manager, because Walmart has a legal duty to keep them fully charged. The manager said that there is a dead man's switch in the seat to keep them from being operated unoccupied. The three of us experimented. It worked fine for me, but Dad didn't weigh enough to activate the switch. He was mortified. Several months later, he died of emaciation.

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    Bryan Miller

    "Most Americans are proud to call themselves American"
    I think you need to update your information…

    That and this nonsense with grainy cctv footage needs to end.
    I get that it needs to be somewhat affordable, but what is the point to a security cam where you can't see anything important in the footage?

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    6:55 despite being an ex-pat Simon forgets Screaming Lord Sutch of the Monster Raving Loony Party. He's stood in the British elections for decades.

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    Resident Evil 2 Fanatic

    You can own as many legal firearms as you wish. When it comes to having stolen guns it's a whol nother story.

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    Iron Ox

    I could just immagine the one cop unlucky enough to have to ride that thing all the way back to walmart. Just swearing the entire time.

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    1:37 Haven’t these people ever seen the classic film Chopping Mall? You’re just looking for trouble with robo-mall cops.

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    I just LOVE how Simon couldn't get through the Toddler Fight Club segment. It's so crazy that it's both sick and funny. Seriously?!?!? Who does that!??!?! I am glad you left that crumbling in the final edit!

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    Sonic Goo

    Now do one for the UK!
    (Ever notice that when a plane needs to make an emergency landing due to rowdy passengers it's always a British stag/hen party?)

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    Lady D

    I used to know a guy that would have his 2yr old daughter fight her cousins – made me so angry to see her covered in scratches and bruises!!!

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    The Man

    You seem to dislike The United States. Almost every video about The United States is put in a negative light. I just wonder why?.

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    I literally stopped the vid, called my friend about the Wal-Mart cart and laughed to tears together. Funny.

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    William Reffett

    Lmao about the toddler Fight Club thing for two reasons that's exactly what the gloves were meant for let's for punching things and making fighting noises of the Hulk to play with your friends so why is there a lawsuit on that aspect and then number two that the mother was so offended by the fact that the toys are being used the way they were meant to be! She might have wanted to do a little bit more research about the toys and where she was placing her kids if she didn't want a kid to play with that kind of toy.

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    In Seattle you can rob walmart by walking out with your loot even more than three times a night because mayor Derka Derk won't let the cops do anything about it.

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    Let us be honest, there's literally a top 100 outrageous things you'd only see in Florida, let alone the US ha.

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    Beth 1986

    Proud American here that cringes at our stupidity. I always wonder what other non Americans think of us and our crazy true stories.

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    Dennis Anderson

    Where are the Trump headlines? 😂 you could totally make a 12,000 list of his stupid headlines. Talk about boneheads.

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    em1o smurf

    chuck e cheese. it used to be named ShowBiz Pizza. it's still a filthy pit of garbage, and squalor. a brawl? typical. super low-class clients, where your white-trash neighbor takes their family for a "high class" outing. ugh. went there ONCE. literally had to sweep the table of boxes, garbage, napkins, etc. off the table and kick it out of the way to be seated. of course the kids were having a ball. as long as there are clueless reprobates out there, this place will stay in business (you know, the type that take their family out for a formal sunday dinner after church to macdonalds). yeh, ran into this creature in the southern mountain town of Cleveland, TN. it's a real "thing".

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    Marius du Plessis

    as for nr 3, he cant do worse than Trump, Putin and Xi Jinping…..at least we'll be breeding ponies and not nukes….no wait…..bronies….ffs, BUILD THOSE NUKES!

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    Gilad Pellaeon

    In these cases it is pronouced 'Merica. (meanwhile Florida says "Hold my beer." and hands you a boa wrapped around a 'gator).

    Btw it would be great to have a video about weird quirks of each of the 50 states of the US.

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    Nan Rodgers

    Ashamed to say I live in the town the Wal-Mart scooter lady had her little adventure. Unfortunately, these things happen all too frequently. They just don't make national/international news. Honestly, we're a quiet little town favored by retirees because it is the Golf capital of Tennessee⛳

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    red vixen

    Yay! Louisiana made the top Tenz lol that tire theft was pretty recent. Crazy to see all those vehicles with no tires and rims lol. Btw they caught at least one guy, he was from Texas

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    Carson Wells

    If you have ever been to a Chucky Cheese, you will wonder why this has not happened frequently, as in, every hour every day at every store. The Fat Cat, just takes one look at the hind quarters of its owner, bring out the stew pot for that one and forget the missionaries.

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    Keith W

    What say we put Simon in a diaper and set him loose on the baby fight club circuit !! He will match well with the lil hulk …hulk smash…fckn hamsters..

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    Vincent Gonzalez

    i refer to mc donalds as a place that makes things to sell, not things to eat
    i used to eat there as a child and now its too strong of a diretic for me

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    Kirk Morrison

    Knowingly owning a stolen firearm in the U.S.A. is a federal crime punishable by 10 years in prison for each charge 10×1000=100,000 years if a convicted felon you could add 10 years per round. He could have gotten over 1,000,000 million years.

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    vee tee

    I'm from Alpena never thought I'd hear about Alpena with a story on this channel nevermind a story on par with Florida man.

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    Andrew Harper

    Awesome stuff we don't get much like this in Britain with the possible exception of Freddie Starr Ate My Hamster. More please!

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    J. Vega

    Obesity epidemic
    Gun/shooting epidemic
    Opiate epidemic
    Stupidity epidemic

    … wait what? I only liked that story about that cat. She’s lazy? So what’s the owner’s excuse? 🤔

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    The Indycar SportsCar Podcast

    My best friend would steal 2 tires a night for his Dakota RT Pickup Truck lol dodge would not only make the extended cab RT’s with stock big block V8 beasts, so every night we would all smoke a blunt and afterwords he would just keep doing burn outs in a figure 8 and then go back to the dodge dealership and steal 2 more brand new on the chrome rim under the back bed of the truck spare tires! Why dodge would offer you a spare tire that was just another tire and with the same chrome rim, who knows, and the dealship never knew it because who goes out to look and make sure the spare tires are all there each day? Growing up in the late 90’s was the Jam!

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    Robin Donnelly

    I loved how Simon totally loses it and breaks into laughter when talking about the Toddler Fight Club. It was one of those that is funny but not funny at the same time. If one of my children went to a daycare center where the workers encouraged the kids to form a "fight club" and start pummeling each other I would be beyond livid.

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    Dfuher D

    Pony based economy, eh? Fun, but no. England's Lord Buckethead still wins! I encourage every1 to look him up 🤣

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  100. Post

    4:10 you losing composure right there, that honestly is half the reason i keep watching.
    It's always glorious when a brit lose composure talking about events/news

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