10 improvements you can make to your Google Play store listing

10 improvements you can make to your Google Play store listing

– Your Google Play listing is a vital part
of your app marketing. Ensuring your listing
is the best it can possibly be will improve your app’s
discovery in the Play store and convert more visits
into installs. Here are ten tips for creating
a great listing. Create a unique,
eye-catching icon. A high quality icon created by
a graphic designer will make your app stand out
in Play store search results. Don’t be too abstract. Reflect the purpose
and character of your app or game. And remember, clean and simple
often has the most impact. Add device screenshots. Users want to know what your app
will look like on their device. So include multiple screenshots for every form-factor
your app runs on, including all tablets,
wear, and TV. And include both landscape
and portrait views for smartphones and tablets. Add a feature graphic. Sum up your app or game in one outstanding,
captivating image, one that illustrates
your apps key features, how it’s used, and what your users
will get from it. A great hero image will
entice users to install. Run experiments
on your graphics and text. Our store listing
experiments feature lets you test
different graphics and text to find out which options
perform the best. By testing different
high-quality app icons, some developers have seen
double digit improvements in their store listing
conversion rates. This data-driven approach let’s you figure out
what converts the most users so you can drive more installs. Add a video. A video will help visitors
to your Play store listing decide whether
to download your app. Your video should show off the key features
of your app or game and explain how your app
benefits users. Show the app
actually being used. If your app
is complex or unusual, think about a how-to guide
or tutorial video. Write a compelling
app description. Sum up your app benefit
in your short description and keep your long description
concise. Long descriptions
might not even be read the whole way through. Make the first sentence count. Grab the user by telling them why they should install
your app or game and keep the rest simple: what your app does
and why it is valuable. Choose your words carefully. A clear and accurate description
of your app will place your app in the most
relevant user searches. A list of keywords
will be considered spam. Make sure you review
and understand the Google Play keyword policies described in the policy center. Localize your listing. Add translated store listings for all the languages
your app supports. If you’re requesting
a professional translation of your app using
the app translation service, you can add the text
for your store listing to get it translated too. And be sure to also localize
your graphics and videos. Show off a little. If you’ve won awards
and had great feedback, let people know. List the prizes. Include examples
of your brilliant reviews. Letting people know
how great your app is will get them excited about it. Respond to feedback. Ratings and reviews
will improve your store listing. Plus, replying to reviews
will show prospective users you’re a trustworthy developer, while building loyalty
with current customers. Follow these ten tips, and you’ll get a better
Play store listing and more users clicking Install. Head over to the Google Play
developer console and spruce up
your app listing now. If you want more tips on how to improve your app
or games performance and build a better app business, check out the other videos
in this series and download
“The Secrets to App Success on Google Play.”


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    Mat Hopwood

    Without massive marketing + a feature by @GooglePlay none of this actually works, its a lie to keep developers making apps to fuel their ads system. It matters not how great your icon, screen shots, feature graphic or even keywords are. Whats the difference between throwing a pretty penny into a dark well of millions of other not so pretty pennies? Still no one will find it.

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