обзор Google Pixel 3 [English subtitles]

This video is not intended to offend. Video made especially for humorous and educational purposes. Enjoy watching. this is xbox one x strongest console on the market whose cost in the market is 14000 UAH or 431 euros recently a new update was released Now the console supports Google Assistant and Amazon Alex. Hello everyone, lead Tim and this is Internet news intro we all know that Google produces own smartphones google pixel before google announced the new premiere date smartphones there were already hidden photos on the Internet new flagships google pixel design 3XL and 3 not much different back panel but scary google model pixel 3 XL decided not to go out of the gray mass and added a mono-brow but the youngest google model, pixel 3 was left without a monobowl interesting is good or bad? both smartphones receive snapdragon processor 845 and 4 gigabytes of RAM built-in 64 gb and 3430 mAh battery and new version of android android Pi which is only available on google pixel google pixel 2 google pixel 2 XL and will be available in new models google pixel the older version will have 3 cameras available two of them are front and 12 and 8 megapixels and one main 12 megapixels about the younger model is still unknown but it can be fixed because October 9 is already Google will be broadcast there will tell everything in detail with you was the lead Tim and it was internet news see you later

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