Understanding The Source Author

11 months ago Terri Fleming Comments Off on Understanding The Source Author

I would say the main point is you want students or I would love one students to see what their writing is being in conversation with their secondary sources just because they’re their lowly underpants it doesn’t mean that they have to necessarily that they have to back away and just agree with some other scholar who’s written on the topic they should you should encourage them to make assertions and there’s nothing wrong with that no one’s going to come arrest them if they’re wrong they can still writing an a paper you could you get I mean you could give them names that’s up to you but what are some ways to encourage students to see what they’re doing as being part of a conversation as opposed to improving one by approving one wrong trying to tear tear down their own argument guess what Isis.

I mean I still struggle I definitely struggle is I want to be a lot of game conversation this scholar so have you seen a great age everybody knows I think in my own writings I get at this by trying to limit my engagement with one source that’s a good because if you’re just you know following along with their line of discussion you really always coming back to back you’re just reproducing but if you get to the core what their thesis is and that fits into your paper within the context of a much larger ongoing discussion in your own voice and right it shows that you’re you’re conversing with that you’re not just nice taking orders at the end I’m going to show you an outline and I try to address that problem I don’t think there should be there can be a little review section in a paper but you don’t want you don’t want the paper to be a little do it I think that’s the most important thing to remember about a new engagement secondary sources and secondary secondary sources reading for fun this might be maybe the least important we’re going for most important at least to really understand what a secondary source author is doing.

It’s good to get to know that off they’re good to know that that person is why they’re ready what their goals are writing with their methods out there who they’re in conversation with are they really an expert it’s not good it’s good to know if the person you’re citing is actually an expert or if they are writing some tangential on some topic that’s tangential to them that’s something that’s difficult for undergrads to know just just because they don’t know thank you guys there are some thoughts on this particular Sunday assigning the citing seminary second research question from previous slide that is so relevant at the bottom to ago yes am one of the best kinds of sources and well how do you when you’re gone we have when you type in the library catalog your keyword get this list of blogs which not only tutoring which are primary.