Think About The Reviewer

12 months ago Terri Fleming Comments Off on Think About The Reviewer

What should be in the paper the most important thing and this is what most papers flag that get rejected at conferences so typically it works like this it people submit conferences to put papers to conferences or scientific documents that will be evaluated by a committee reading those papers writing a report and then based on the report who says that’s a good work that’s not so good or not good enough or has space for further improvements and this paper will not make it and one reasons why a lot of papers fail is because they do not clearly state what the contribution of its work is so what are the change that this paper generates for the reader for the technology for the field and what do I learn when I actually read and implement the technique so what is the contribution why should I pay for that listen to that reap that why not someone gives a talk and that’s an answer does not answer the why question. Read more about contribution of your work on Edusson.

You may consider to leave after 20 minutes because they spending so much time here why should I attend for that so answering the right question is actually pretty important also that’s important when you think about the person who reviews your paper so if you don’t make it through the reviewing process your paper will never get published and reviewers and readers are often kind of lazy so you read that paper although you don’t have time but you have to do that and so the best thing is to make it as easy as possible for for the reader and provide a good message so what’s the message of your paper what are the two or three sentences that you want to communicate and this must be crystal clear spelled out already in the beginning so this is something which is typically done in the introduction so if you go through the introduction of your work it must be really clear without me having read the core method they don’t know what at least the author is claimed to be their contribution.

Without that the paper is very very unlikely to make it and the important things be very clear about then spell that also explicitly so it also is a matter of nationality often so way what’s the background of the person from which country they come from if they spell out things very precisely where they use a kind of hidden form using a lot of passive voice and letting the author kind of the reader kind of guess what the contribution is at this point this is not the way to do that be explicit as possible what you nearly knew your new technique allows you to do so whatever being able to design those features and use this classification method we are able to recognize these digits with an accuracy which was not possible before no one else addressed this problem in this way by for example using our great new features viewing using our great new classification algorithm and so the key contribution of this work is listen byzant that so you can actually skim through papers.