Composing a Good Story

12 months ago Terri Fleming Comments Off on Composing a Good Story

The focus statement is true in addition to being helpful my friends are the most fun people ever now I needed two more anecdotes to prove this I need two examples of times when my friends were really fun so I’m going to write about the time John made a crazy face I’m also going to write about the time Samantha played a joke on her dad these are both examples of my friends being really funny and I think that’s going to prove that main idea last I need to wrap up this essay with a good so once again I’m going to write this conclusion as a complete sentence what more could I want then kind caring friends who entertain me I would say I’m a pretty lucky girl now that I’ve made my plan it’s time to write so I start off writing I’m looking at my focus statement because that’s the base that’s my first paragraph.

Now when I take this from a plan to a paragraph I can add some details and that’s what I’ve done here so I do have that original friends are very important to me for many reasons but I’ve added some extra details to it and this is a very important part right here as well I’m starting my first paragraph so I always indent when I was in second grade my family moved to a new town I remember how miserable I was without friends moping around for weeks until I finally met Betsy knowing her changed everything friends are important to me for many reasons now that I’m done with that I’m ready to move on to my main idea one and once again I can simply copy my main idea one from my plan and two my paragraph primarily my friends help me out of tight spots note that I’ve gone to the next line and I’ve indented again because this is my second paragraph now.

I’m ready to write that first story about the time Betsy helped me make vines but here I’ve got to stop here for this story I need to really stretch the story out I need to add a ton of details and tell the complete story to do that I use a strategy called W sad K so when I tell an anecdote I start by thinking about when did this happen and then I think about the situation where was I what was I doing next I think about what actions took place what happened first next and last after that I want to think about what dialogue I can add to my story what words were said and finally I want to kiss it goodbye by wrapping up my story so let’s see this in action so here I have my essay so far I have my focus statement I have my main idea number one and here is my first anecdote here’s my transition leading into it sometimes the help is with school projects.