3 Interview Tips every college student must know

2 years ago Terri Fleming Comments Off on 3 Interview Tips every college student must know

Nervous for that interview next week? Don’t worry; pre-interview jitters are perfectly normal. In fact, it may be a good sign that you are a little nervous. Being nervous means you are taking the interview seriously, and are anxious to put your best foot forward.

However, appearing calm and collected during your interview is important. It shows the employer that you know your stuff and are ready and qualified to start the job, should you be offered the position.

Here are three tips that you’ll want to know before you walk into that interview.


Appearance Does Make a Difference

It’s true that employees should be evaluated based on their qualifications and skills, but the way you dress and appear in an interview also contributes to an employers opinion of you. When you go to a job interview, dress professionally. Find out what the dress standard for the company you are interviewing with is and dress accordingly. If you aren’t sure what the dress standard is, it’s always better to be a little better dressed than those around you, so play it safe.

Its Also About Personality

During an interview, employers are looking for much more than someone who fits certain requirements or has certain skills. They are also looking for someone who fits the company’s culture, will work well with the management and can be a good face for the company. Keep in mind that your personality also has an impact on the success of your interview.

Confidence and Humility Need to Go Together

Be confident during your interview, but not so confident that you come off as arrogant. Employers are attracted to confident applicants because they are usually the type of employee that will get the job done, regardless of obstacles. However, if you come across as too confident you may seem to be lacking in humility. The trick is to strike a perfect balance. Be confident in your skills and qualifications, but humble enough to realize that the interviewer is the one who has the upper hand.


Job interviews can be nerve racking. Many times when we are desperate for work are job-interview performance suffers. We get so anxious to do well that we forget what kind of impression we are leaving on the interviewer.

By dressing for the job, showing your true personality and being confident without being arrogant, you’ll have very successful job interviews. Remember, you may have to interview with several different employers before you finally land that dream job, but patience is a virtue and that job will come around sooner or later.